Hair Oil
            Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Nourishing Ancient Hair Oil – Contains pure and carefully selected ancient hair oils to create a truly effective ritual for both hair and scalp. Coconut, olive & avocado oils penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to lock in moisture. Amla, almond and sesame oils nourish and hydrate the scalp to help promote optimal hair growth. Argan, hibiscus and basil oils condition and repair the cuticle (outer layer of hair strands).

Helps promote optimal hair growth.

100 ml Full size
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Cost and postage: £16.99

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Apply on dry hair. Comb hair and use approximately 10-15 ml of ancient hair oil, massage all over hair and scalp. Leave for 30-40 minutes and wrap-up in a warm towel to aid penetration of hair oil. Shampoo and condition. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove hair oil.

How Roots & Rituals Can Help Your Hair

Massage RnR Hair Oil onto Hair & Scalp

Wrap up in Luxury using the RnR Heated Towel

Apply RnR Hair Mask for radiant looking hair

Immerse yourself in luxurious ancient rituals with our range of ultra hydrating hair care products. Roots and Rituals’ products are formulated with the only three oils that penetrate the hair shaft – coconut, olive and avocado oils luxuriously infused with authentic ancient ingredients to nourish, protect and revive hair that lacks moisture and vibrancy.

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